We launched our Bandcamp subscription service in November 2018 with a "two albums per month" model; now, nine months and a total of twenty new releases later, we are excited to announce a new shift in our subscriptions that will make all three tiers (digital, cassette, and "everything") available at a fraction of the previous cost.

By bundling our future releases together in Seasonal Collections, featuring a new slate of four or more offerings every three months, we will be able to drastically reduce shipping costs (and thus subscription prices) for Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscribers.



Digital subscribers will receive each new Flower Room music release the moment it's ready to fly, often weeks or months before the "official" release date. In addition, we will offer subscriber exclusives such as bonus unreleased tracks, live recordings, pre-FR archival releases, podcasts, DJ mixes, and more!

This subscription tier also includes 10% off any merch offerings in our shop and immediate download of our five "bonus cassette" releases: Ash & Herb's "In Now Time” volumes 1 & 2, Starbirthed's "Messages From...", Matt LaJoie’s “Happy to Help”, and ML Wah's "Heavenly Host".



🌌 We honor our devout cassette heads at Tier #2: those folks nurturing an ever-growing collection of our limited edition offerings on magnetic tape. Ever since we adhered our first "Citrine Dreams" cover and added a full-moon-charged gemstone to the case, cassette has been our primary form of expression, with a total of 35 tape releases over the past 28 months. Tier 2 subscribers can expect a minimum of four new tapes in each Seasonal Collection, both official Flower Room releases and occasional exclusive offerings on cassette (mixtapes, live recordings, off-label releases, etc).

Since many of our cassette releases are limited to just 50 copies, this subscription tier is necessarily limited to 25 subscribers at any one time. By subscribing, you'll lock in "pre-order" status for every new cassette release on Flower Room's docket, receiving tapes before anyone else, as well as early digital access to new and exclusive titles and your very own personalized full-length TONAL COSMOLOGY: COSMIC CHORD cassette in a handmade edition of one, recorded just for you by Ash & Matt (a $45 value, completed within the first year of your subscription).

Upcoming cassette titles expected for release over the next year include:

*Fall 2019*
Starbirthed - Chakra Six (ltd. 50)
Starbirthed - Chakra Seven (ltd. 50)
v/a - Arrangement 1 (ltd. 50)
2 more TBA

*Winter 2020*
Matt LaJoie - Everlasting Spring (ltd. 50)
Matt LaJoie - Beyond Separation, A New Becoming (bonus cassette, ltd. 100)
more TBA

*Spring 2020*
Ash Brooks - Temple of the Roses (ltd. 50)
Ash Brooks - Patchwork (bonus cassette, ltd. 100)
more TBA

INCLUDES SHIPPING TO USA (international subscribers will be charged additional shipping costs, but a small discount will be applied to those fees).



ALL THAT AND MORE... (limited to 10)
☄️ We created this tier for the Flower Room enthusiast who wants it all: digital, cassettes, CDs, vinyl (art + standard editions, plus test pressings often a month before new vinyl releases), lathe-cuts, and merch (including but not limited to books, calendars, t-shirts, tote bags, art prints, patches, and buttons). "Everything" subscribers can expect a minimum of one new vinyl release (in every form, including art & test pressings) and four cassettes with each seasonal package, as well as at least one CD, lathe, or merch item. This tier will also include an occasional exclusive perk available to no other, such as one-of-one mixtapes, art, guest list spots at live events, off-label releases by Flower Room artists, and more! This is the only tier that guarantees you receive absolutely everything we release, no matter the edition size; as with the cassette subscription tier, the value of each month's offerings will meet or exceed (in some cases greatly) the monthly subscription fee.

The Fall 2019 Seasonal Collection is set to include:
TBD art edition vinyl (reissue of out-of-print cassette), limited to 100.
TBD vinyl test pressing (ltd. 10)
TBD bonus cassette (ltd. 100)
Starbirthed - Chakra Six cassette (ltd. 50)
Starbirthed - Chakra Seven cassette (ltd. 50)
v/a - Arrangement 1 cassette + trading card pack (ltd. 50)
ML Wah mixtape
custom embroidered patch of the Flower Room logo
+ more TBA

Winter 2020:
Matt LaJoie - Everlasting Spring LP/CS/CD
Matt LaJoie - Beyond Separation, A New Becoming (bonus cassette)
more TBA

Spring 2020:
Ash Brooks - Temple of the Roses 7"/CS/CD
Ash Brooks - Patchwork (bonus cassette)
more TBA

Tier 3 also includes your own personal full-length Tonal Cosmology Cosmic Chord cassette or CD in a handmade edition of one, recorded just for you by Ash & Matt, delivered within your first year of subscription.

INCLUDES SHIPPING TO USA (international subscribers will be charged additional shipping costs, but a small discount will be applied to those fees).