After our first year of releasing a steady stream of music digitally on Bandcamp, as well as physically on cassette and vinyl, Flower Room is excited to announce the launch of a three-tier subscription service with unique offerings for your preferred listening and collecting medium.



Digital subscribers will receive each new Flower Room musical release the moment it's ready to fly, often weeks or months before the "official" release date. You will also receive Tonal Cosmology's RECORD OF THE YEAR 2019 with a high quality digital image of the calendar. In addition, we will offer subscriber exclusives such as live recordings, pre-FR archival releases, podcasts, and more!

This subscription tier also includes 10% off any merch offerings in our shop and immediate download of several back catalog releases including: Ash & Herb's "In Now Time vol.1 and 2" and Starbirthed's "Messages From..."



TAPE(s) OF THE MONTH CLUB (limited to 25) 
🌌 We honor our devout cassette heads at Tier #2: those folks nurturing an ever-growing collection of our limited edition offerings on magnetic tape. Ever since we adhered our first "Citrine Dreams" cover and added a full-moon-charged gemstone to the case, cassette has been our primary form of expression, with a total of 19 tape releases over the past 12 months. We aim to continue this level of creation throughout 2019, with an average of two new limited edition tapes out each month of the year, as well as exclusive offerings on cassette (mixtapes, live recordings, etc) for our subscribers.

Since many of our cassette releases are limited to just 50 copies, the "Tapes of the Month" subscription tier is necessarily limited to 25 subscribers at any one time. By subscribing, you'll lock in "pre-order" status for every new cassette release on Flower Room's docket, receiving tapes before anyone else, as well as early digital access to new and exclusive titles and your very own personalized full-length TONAL COSMOLOGY: COSMIC CHORD cassette in a handmade edition of one, recorded just for you by Ash & Matt (a $40 value). 

Upcoming cassette titles due in the first half of 2019 include: 
April/May: Endless Caverns - Jewel Mining; Starbirthed - Starbathing; ML Wah - Deep Roots; ML Wah - Heavenly Host (bonus cs)
Later in 2019: Ash Brooks - Mage/Shasta single; Ash Brooks cassette; Tonal Cosmology - Two Phases and many more!

INCLUDES SHIPPING TO USA (international subscribers will be charged additional shipping costs, but a small monthly discount will be applied to those fees).



ALL THAT AND MORE... (limited to 10)
☄️ We created this tier for the Flower Room enthusiast who wants it all: digital, cassettes, CDs, vinyl (art + standard editions), lathe-cuts, and merch (including but not limited to books, calendars, t-shirts, tote bags, art prints, patches, and buttons). This tier will include an occasional exclusive perk available to no other, such as one-of-one mixtapes, art, guest list spots at live events, off-label releases by Flower Room artists, and more! This is the only tier that guarantees you receive absolutely everything we release--no matter the edition size--the very minute it's ready to ship; as with the cassette subscription tier, the value of each month's offerings will meet or exceed (in some cases greatly) the monthly subscription fee.

In the first half of 2019, we have new full-length vinyl LPs from Matt LaJoie (January), ML Wah (May), Ash Brooks (summer/fall) and Tonal Cosmology (fall) in the works, along with 7" and 10" lathe records from Ash & Herb (February), Ash Brooks (spring/summer) and at least two additional vinyl/lathe releases by the end of 2019. This tier also includes the RECORD OF THE YEAR 2019 4xCD + wall calendar box set ($45 value) and your own personal full-length Tonal Cosmology Cosmic Chord cassette or CD in a handmade edition of one, recorded just for you by Ash & Matt.

INCLUDES SHIPPING TO USA (international subscribers will be charged additional shipping costs, but a $5 monthly discount will be applied to those fees).