New Releases, Seasonal Collections, Vinyl Reissue Poll

Dear friends,

We have much news to share, including major changes to our subscription model and an invitation for your input regarding our first ever vinyl reissue of an out-of-print cassette. But let’s begin with today’s two new releases, available now for download and streaming, with cassettes expected to ship next week!

ASH & HERB - In Now Time Vol. 3

The third volume of Ash & Herb’s In Now Time series carries an intimate highlight from their Spring 2018 Midwest US tour out to the world at large. Performing in a living room in Columbus, Ohio, the duo were inspired to veer off the course of previous sets on that tour, digging deeper into space-folk improvisations with free-range solos and kosmische detours that set up delicate renditions of a couple Northern Lights favorites. The A-side soundtracks a desert-skies-at-night pilgrimage: dusty, celestial, and incantatory, setting up camp at the foot of “Skull Rock”. The B-side’s double-shot ode to the agaric kingdom begins with “Fruiting Bodies”’ cycled major key chords, phased organ, and spritely clean-toned guitar notes spreading around the field, until a fuzz lead send spores adrift with majestic inspiration. The set concludes with the psychedelically-tinged folk-country tune “Cap & Stem”, with spectral voices harmonizing over a rare dual-guitar look for Ash & Herb, culminating in an open-sky, wah-drenched guitar solo by Ash.

Hand-painted and stamped Type I music-grade sapphire-blue-tinted c30 in a full color wraparound tip-on case, home-dubbed and hand-numbered to 50.

FIELDS (two)

Our second “Fields” installment returns focus to the “virtual rurality” and “sonic sage cleansing” tenets of our mission statement, offering a new hour of tape (with an additional hour of digital bonus environments) to become immersed in for a deep meditative, restorative experience. Side one features a mantric sitar figure played hundreds of times over a half hour, with two separate live takes played back simultaneously and panned completely in the stereo field. The result is a shimmering 360-degree string drone rich in harmonic resonance, hypnotic with its circular patterns and layers. Side two is a field recording of a babbling brook captured at sunrise; the stream travels left-to-right in the stereo field, placing the listener directly in the “now” between past and future, supporting any need to “go with the flow” while offering fearless connection to the emotions via the water element. Two additional field recordings sourced from Starbirthed’s recent With the Mother release are included as digital bonus tracks, and these offerings of birdsong and ocean waves provide even more opportunities to strengthen your connection to the Earth in any season.

Hand-stamped Type I music grade pink-tinted c60 with individually typed A-side label, held in full-color wraparound tip-on case, home-dubbed and hand-numbered to 50.



Our monthly Bandcamp subscription model has produced a deluge of new material over the past nine months, yet maintaining a monthly shipment schedule has meant higher shipping costs (and thus subscription prices) than we would prefer. By bundling our new releases together on a quarterly/seasonal basis, we’ll be able to pass the postage savings on to subscribers, making the price of each tier a fraction of what it was previously. And by having a bit more flexibility with release dates, we will be able to spend more time perfecting the presentation of each offering, creating ever more detailed and complex work, and keeping the spotlight on what we consider “major” releases in our catalog for longer than a few weeks.

The new subscription prices are $5/month for digital, $8/month for cassette, and $16 for “all that and more...”; head to the Subscribe tab on our Bandcamp page for more info on all the perks of subscribing.

We plan to debut our Seasonal Collections in November, with a package headlined by an art edition vinyl reissue of one of our top 3 most popular out-of-print cassettes, limited to 100 copies.


We’d like to know which of our sold-out tapes you’d most like to own on wax! We’ve narrowed down the options to the three titles with the most plays and unique listeners on Bandcamp:

Ash Brooks - Crown of Thyme

Matt LaJoie - Free to Be...

Starbirthed - Dweller on the Threshold

Vote for your favorite at our Twitter poll (@FlowerRoomLP) or by emailing us at Polls are open until next Friday 9/6/19, and we will announce the winner later in September!

This will be a one-time-only art edition pressing or 100 copies, and will include a bonus tape of new and related material as well as a custom embroidered patch of the Flower Room logo.


And finally, in case you missed the lowkey announcement last week, we have also made the classic glow-in-the-dark Herbcraft “Hairy Headband” tour t-shirt available beyond the merch table for the first time! This was a batch of 60 shirts printed in collaboration with Wing Club for the Wot Oz tour in 2015, from an original 2012 design by Dawn Aquarius. Only limited sizes and quantities are available via our Bandcamp shop, and with no plans to reprint these when they’re gone they’re gone! Soft and lite 100% combed cotton made in USA black tee, freshly laundered and ready to ship.

Thank you all for reading and for your constant support; we are honored to be with you as this journey continues unfolding.

With love,

Matt & Ash