Starbirthed and Endless Caverns Release, and "A Sit With Bindu Mahal" Premiere

Bright days to you all,

Today we release new limited edition cassettes from Starbirthed and Endless Caverns, as well as premiere the second single from ML Wah’s upcoming Deep Roots LP.

Starbathing collects four edits from Starbirthed’s recent pop-up new moon sound healing environment in Portland, Maine. With bowed & plucked strings and synth tones tuned to the moonless, starlit skies, the music offered on Starbathing aligns the body to an embrace of new growth and possibility. Available digitally and on limited (to 75) hand-stamped gold ink lavender shell cassette, the tape is packaged in our classic wraparound style cover on polybox with chalcopyrite (peacock ore) gemstone.

“Jewel Mining” is a lost recording from a prolific period of creation for Endless Caverns, the solo intentional lo-fi guitar drone project which once ran in tandem with Matt LaJoie’s main vehicle Herbcraft. Standing as the only multi-track recording in the Endless Caverns oeuvre, these automatic compositions for electric guitar, dilruba, and wooden flute delve into foggy beds of deep drone, occasionally returning with glittering fragments of delicate beauty. Lost for 8 years but presented now in just its right time, “Jewel Mining” is now available digitally and on limited (to 75) hand-stamped silver ink cassette with sapphire blue inner foil, and includes a unakite gemstone.

Both cassettes are now up for preorder, and we expect to begin shipping April 30th!

We are also excited today to unveil the second early peek at ML Wah’s forthcoming Deep Roots LP. “A Sit With Bindu Mahal” locks into an mbira-as-bassline groove, with tuned woodblocks, shekere, handclaps and hand drums steering the beat behind a freewheeling sun-spun electric guitar and sitar wander.
Hear the track in full now at the Deep Roots BC page; Massive thanks to all who have already preordered the album, CD, or cassette! We so deeply appreciate all the early support for this one and are excited to share more in the coming weeks leading up to a May 24th release!

All our best from our home to yours,

Matt & Ash