Starbirthed and Thick Air Releases, Starry Alignment Collaboration

Spring blessings, all!
Today we embrace the fiery red energy of Aries season with new limited edition kosmische/ambient cassettes from Starbirthed and Thick Air. 

Starbirthed’s Chakra One offering continues their unfolding 7-tape series of guided meditations and deep synth-and-bass musical expressions of the chakras, this time focused on the Root or Base chakra - the body’s center of grounding and connection to the physical world. On side A, engage with Ash's spoken guided meditation for a powerful full-sensory visualization with the intent to call natural earthly support into the body, or flip the tape to take the instrumental version on a freeform flight. The hand-stamped red shell tape also includes a red garnet gemstone for use with the meditation.

Thick Air’s follow up to last summer’s “Concert for Malakut” tape is an imagined documentary score for the future-science of Martian Archaelology. Via longform looped automatic compositions on synthesizer, the listener is led through a sonic historiography of the rise to peak civilizational harmony, then the decline, fall, and ultimate post-cataclysm calm on the planet that has long captured Earth-human wonder of other, earlier worlds inhabited by beings much like ourselves. "Archeologie de Mars" effortlessly evokes both the awe and devastation of what might have been, and offers a musical component to a line of thinking that may ultimately be either affecting folktale or a new frontier: transposing Earth science methods to planetary bodies beyond our own. The red leader hand-stamped cassette includes a mounted red coral gemstone (the Vedic gemstone corresponding to Mars).

Both tapes are available for preorder now in limited editions of 50, and will begin shipping next week! Full streaming and digital download options are up now at our site. We are also offering a limited 3 for $15 tape special while supplies last or until the end of March: choose one of our back-catalog cassettes to add to your order of the new Starbirthed & Thick Air for just $3 more! Choose from nearly-gone titles from Ash & Herb, Matt LaJoie, Starbirthed, Thick Air, or Tonal Cosmology.
Further along the Mars trail, our subscribers received the first track from a surprise bonus Starbirthed album earlier this week. “In Aries” is installment/track number one of their upcoming “Alignment 1” 12-track collection created in collaboration with the Starry Alignment podcast, with a new 10-minute ambient movement premiering with each turn to a new Zodiac sign throughout the coming year. Subscribers will exclusively receive each new track the same day it premieres on Starry Alignment.

Finally, the Ash & Herb “In Now Time Vol.2” lathe 10” disc is nearly ready to ship! Thank you all so much for your patience with those; we’ve received word that they have been cut & shipped and we should be able to begin assembling and sending them along to you late next week.

Our deepest thanks for reading and listening; may you all resonate with the harmony of the spheres today and always.

With love,

Matt & Ash