Salt Lick, Subscriptions, Tonal Cosmology

Good day, all! 
We’re excited to announce that our first official single, Ash & Herb’s “Salt Lick” b/w “Tables of Grass Fields”, is now shipping in all formats. Thanks to everyone who preordered the vinyl or cassingle! We expect to be completely caught up on orders by the end of the day Monday. The only delay is on the 10” lathe included with the “Collector’s Edition” set, but those should be ready to ship in a few weeks (along with the next batch of limited cassettes from Starbirthed & Thick Air); other components of the Collector’s Edition are ready now and will ship separately immediately. 

The hand-painted art edition 45 with bonus “In Now Time Vol.2” cassette, as well as the cassingle version, are both down to the final 20 copies  Thanks for all your orders- we’re excited to get these in your homes soon! 

A huge heartfelt thanks to all of our subscribers. We are now beginning the third month of our subscription service, available at digital, cassette, and “everything” tiers. Subscribers at all tiers receive 10% off any additional purchases at our Bandcamp, and other perks include an exclusive digital-only 15-minute track by Matt LaJoie (with more subscriber exclusives forthcoming) and, for tape subscribers, an Ash & Herb’s Soul Connection DJ mixtape of jukebox-blasted heart-centered soul, R&B, and early funk 45s from their own personal collection. Since February is a short month, we’ve decided to run a special and include February’s offerings along with March’s for anyone joining the cassette or “everything” tiers in the upcoming two weeks - two months for the price of one! Visit the subscription tab on our Bandcamp for more info.

On the Tonal Cosmology side, with a couple months of 2019 in the books we decided to drop the price on our Record of the Year 4xCD + calendar set, which includes both the top astrological transit for each day as well as that transit’s representation in musical form - both in notation and as a unique recording for each day performed by Ash & Matt. If you’re curious to learn a little more about this astro-musical system we have developed, check the Tonal Cosmology page to read Ash’s explanation of the astrological side of the system as well as Matt’s description of the music theory involved. We will have much more to reveal and announce in the coming weeks regarding Tonal Cosmology; thank you to everyone who has shown interest, curiosity, and support for our search to illuminate the mystery of the Harmony of the Spheres.

With love,

Matt & Ash