The Center and the Fringe Is Out! Plus New Ash & Herb Up for Preorder

New year’s greetings & blessings to all you lovely folks! We’re back with our first new releases of 2019–Matt LaJoie’s vinyl debut with The Center and The Fringe LP, as well as the “Happy to Help” bonus cassette—and a premiere and preorder for new 7” vinyl and 10” lathe records from Ash & Herb due out at the end of February.

Thank you to all of you who preordered the art edition of The Center and The Fringe, making it sell out on preorders alone! We’ve released all those preorders and will be sending along download codes for the “Happy to Help” bonus cassette today. The vinyl is in and sounding amazing, but we’re still waiting on a couple elements to come together for the packaging. We expect to be able to begin shipping Center & Fringe vinyl orders in about one week. 

The cassette edition is ready to ship, and includes a malachite gemstone and 1” button of the cover art’s mandala. We’ve also put up the CD version for preorder, which includes the “Happy to Help” tracks as bonus cuts. Both albums are freely streaming as of today, so feel free to take a dip in the stream before taking the dive into the physical realm. To anyone considering our Cassette Subscription tier, these are the two tapes that will hit your doorstep or mailbox in January!

We’re also excited to premiere the new Ash & Herb single “Salt Lick”, a rural glam home-fired jam inspired by the Norse creation myth of Audhumla. The B-side is a hazy psych-pop daydream cover of one of our favorite songs ever, The Bachs’ 1968 underground classic “Tables of Grass Fields”. We’ve put up preorders for the 7” & cassingle versions now, which expect to ship around the end of February. 

New Ash & Herb means a new “In Now Time” bonus volume, and this time around the duo offers up a complete live document from their Fall 2018 tour that both previews new material from their forthcoming 2nd LP and recasts a couple Northern Lights cuts in sky-wide expansion. (Check out the version of “Keep Off the Grass” from the Arrangement 1 collection to hear the closing track from the set.) In Now Time Vol.2 will be available as a bonus cassette with the art edition of the “Salt Lick” 45 (the art edition 7” also features a cover hand-painted by Ash!) or as an ultra-limited 10” embossed lathe record. We’re making the 10” lathe available now as part of a Collector’s Edition “Salt Lick” box set, but will open up orders for it as a stand-alone as we approach the release date of 2.22.

Thank you all for the constant support in every form; we deeply appreciate the inspiration to continue expanding our offerings throughout 2019 and beyond! 
Much love from our home to yours,

Matt & Ash